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I'm a Canadian writer and photographer who recently completed an eight year around the world sailing trip with my family--now we're back home in Vancouver, BC. Writing is a way of indulging my curiosity about the world I'm lucky enough to explore. It gives me the excuse to delve into subjects and places in a way that many of us never have time for. I also get to ask those really juicy questions - the kind my mother said were impolite.

I search out stories wherever I find myself and recent work has included a round up of remote beaches for Men's Journal; a series about some of my favourite islands (the Maldives, Chagos, Comoros and Saint Helena) for BBC Travel; and features on some of the people, places and moments which sparked my curiosity including a forgotten graveyard for Pacific Standard, a lost language, and some of my favourite places to xc ski.

I'm the author of the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sailing and coauthor of The Vancouver Island Book of Everything. My stories have appeared in magazines that include National Geographic Travel, Reader's Digest, Men's Journal and Islands; newspapers such as The Washington Post, The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, and The Globe and Mail; and online websites including BBC Travel, Outside, Slate, Vice, Travel + Leisure.com, Forbes.com and MSN.com. I'm an Editor at Large for Yachting Times magazine and a regular contributor to numerous sailing magazines.

Editors say I'm easygoing and professional to work with and they repeatedly assign me stories that inform and entertain their readers. I also love taking on new challenges and working with new publications - so let me know what you need.     

2014 Diane Selkirk