writing my way around the world

I'm a Canadian writer and photographer who loves to travel and immerse myself in different experiences. Writing is a way of indulging my curiosity about the world I'm lucky enough to explore. It gives me the excuse to delve into subject and places in a way that many of us never have time for. I also get to ask those really juicy questions - the kind my mother said were impolite.

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a hobby, a talent, and now, a profession

I always planned to be a writer, but somewhere along the line I got the idea that I could never pay off a student loan on a writer's income. So I trained as a Recreation Therapist and spent several years on a community mental health team. Then one day I sent a story off to a magazine and got a cheque by return mail.

Since then I've interviewed astronauts and Olympians, learned about building electric planes and making traditional ukuleles, I've trekked after polar bears and spent time learning about regenerative tourism ideas - all with the goal of telling meaningful stories.

I love to travel and spent much of the past decade circumnavigating the planet with my family aboard our 40' sailboat -- slow traveling from Vancouver, to the west coast of Mexico, across the South Pacific to Australia and South East Asia, across the Indian Ocean to South Africa and across the Atlantic to the Panama Canal and home. My husband Evan (who illustrates many of my travel stories with his gorgeous photos) and I as well as Charlie the cat are now settled back in Vancouver. Our daughter Maia caught the wanderlust and has begun her own adventures.